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From exclusive shops to street vendors, Vancouver's street markets delight visitors with their unique offerings. There are also some other general shops here, but it is definitely not just for tourists. It is full of fantastic shopping and has all the elements necessary to make Vancouver a shopping paradise.

To learn more about shopping on Granville Island and other attractions, visit their website. To learn more and see some videos about the place, watch the video Granille Island Shopping Tour and GranVILLE Island Shops.

Vancouver's best shopping streets and districts include its shopping malls and shopping centers, as well as the shopping streets mentioned above. Below is a list of some of the most popular shopping districts in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

The biggest shopping attraction on Granville Street is undoubtedly the Pacific Centre Mall, which is home to three department stores, including Macy's, Nordstrom and Renfrew Square, as well as a number of upscale boutiques. This mall is home to the likes of Ralph Lauren, R.J. Reynolds, Anthropologie, L'Oreal and upscale brands like J.C. Penney.

Some department stores are connected to the Pacific Centre, but you can reach the mall from across the street, including Macy's, Nordstrom and Renfrew Square, as well as a number of upscale boutiques.

If you go to Granville, which is mainly concentrated around Georgia and Smithe, you will find other shopping opportunities. You won't be disappointed, however, where you can, with a number of upscale boutiques, such as Anthropologie, L'Oreal and a few other high-end brands.

The best shopping is on Robson Street, which is centrally located and easy to reach, with some of your favorite shops within easy reach. The surrounding streets are lined with a wide range of shopping options, including Queen and Renfrew, as well as a range of independent shops and boutiques.

Another interesting market for second-hand goods is the DTES Street Market in Gastown, where most sellers are residents of downtown Eastside in Vancouver. An electrified street market in Vancouver is Main Street, which leads from the Fraser River to Waterfront Road. Retail is concentrated along the Main, which crosses Granville Street with access to the Pacific Centre on the way. It is nice that the three main shopping streets are actually quite close together, as is the Pacific Center below. The short walk from Robson Street is not only a great shopping experience, but also a good walk from downtown Vancouver.

The Granville Island Public Market offers a wealth of items you might want to buy, but if you're looking for fashion, you're not the place to come here. Granted, a visitor to Vancouver wouldn't want to linger here for hours, and some of the shops might be worth a visit unless you're in the West End. If you still want to shop more, head south to the North End, where there are few shops, if any, worth visiting.

According to the Canada Canada Shopping Guide, the Bentall Center is the best place to visit fashion and apparel stores in Vancouver, Canada. There are over 140 stores here, and the focus is on fashion, so if you like clothes shopping, you'll love Pacific Centre Mall. After getting your favorites on Robson Street, head south to Pacific Center Mall, which offers a similar brand experience, but with a little more shopping experience and a convenient shopping area. Time is sometimes limited and there are no hotels in downtown Vancouver, making this a great place for a short stop before you head to your hotel.

We recommend this for good shopping, as the Pacific Centre is the best place to shop even on rainy days, as it is fully covered and protected from the outside world. If you're a big fan of shopping in downtown Vancouver or prefer to be outside rather than in a mall, Robson Street is the place to go shopping.

Once you're done inside, there's also a great promenade along Lonsdale Quay where you can sit in the sun, watch activities at Vancouver Harbor or enjoy one of the many things you can do. If you leave Vancouver for the day and head to Washington, there are many shopping malls to enjoy, but we found this to be the best shopping mall in Vancouver with great shopping. While shopping in downtown Vancouver and its many shopping malls is always high on every buyer's shopping list, this is another great shopping mall that offers all the options.

If you want to take a taste of Vancouver, Canada home with you, this is the place to pick up some wines from B.C. for your next trip to Washington, DC. Plan a visit to Chinatown Vancouver if you can get some cheap gifts for friends and relatives before heading home. Start your shopping day with a stop at Vancouver Glen Shopping Centre before taking the Canada Line to the stunning Pacific Centre. Take a short coffee break or lunch before heading to Granville Station to catch the train to other exciting places in Vancouver.

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