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Hotel Equities (HE) today announced the opening of the new Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. Campbell River is located in the heart of the Campbell Valley, north of Vancouver, B.C., with a population of about 36,000 people, and is located on the west coast of BC and has an average annual income of $1.5 million, according to the Canadian Tax Office.

It is worth noting that it is a relatively small suite compared to some of the larger rooms I have had in hotels, but the skilful use of the space means that I have not taken notice of the limited square footage at all. I upgraded to a suite about the size of a standard suite in a hotel room in Vancouver, B.C., but I was lucky enough to have booked it because it has enough seating to host a bachelor party - traveling together, and there's enough room for two people in it. So I can get a pedicure and walk through the lobby while the guy watches hockey on TV all by himself.

My room, 29th Fork in the South Tower, overlooks the bay and the mountain, and the bed is not as comfortable as what you find in a Westin or Ritz-Carlton, but it still offered two very comfortable nights. Ningstu Ning Ning, a Chinese restaurant and bar in Vancouver, B.C., and a guest at the Sheraton Hotel Vancouver.

Unfortunately, the day I was in the city was quite dark and rainy, but I still enjoyed looking at the buildings of downtown Vancouver with the mountain in the background. The clear summer days made the view even better and offered a view of Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Sunset Beach in the English Bay was within walking distance of the hotel and gave me all the inspiration I needed to watch the sunset and dip my toes in the ocean. I came to Vancouver from the East and it was quite easy to fall asleep that night, given the three-hour time difference.

The International Terminal site has an Airport Plaza Premium Lounge and if you are on a stopover in the international terminal, there is a lounge that offers a bedroom that can be booked for 3-6 hours. If you have a longer connection, you may decide to stay here to check in, eat and visit the aquarium with water demonstrations before heading to the US security area.

I would notice that the hotel offers free tea and coffee to everyone in the lobby, which I love, but I certainly wouldn't expect to stay here as a normal guest and get a free swag. There is also a Starbucks in the two lobbies of the South Tower, which I visited decaf during my time at this hotel. Of course, the club lounge upstairs also serves Starbucks coffee, and you should keep that in mind when you have access. Expect a suite upgrade due to your elite status and you certainly won't expect to receive all the free swag, even though you're staying with regular guests.

I have stayed at the Sheraton many times and still find it a bit expensive for a valet, but most hotels with limited service offer something different.

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel features a two-story gym, a fitness center and a fitness room. The hotel has a decent fitness center, which is worth it, and the Sheraton Wall Centre has many other facilities in a relatively large hotel that often hosts business conferences and other events. I understand why hotel chains create so many different brands, because it's a great way to get more management contracts by engaging investors in the concept.

I couldn't help but be disappointed because I have a restaurant where I had to pay for breakfast. The hotel acts like a breakfast perk for Platinum and Titanium members, but the rooms are modeled after what you get at the Sheraton, unless you get individual toiletries. Some rooms have donors, which frankly is not a big loss, and some rooms have donors.

The pool is good and seems to have a pretty well equipped gym nearby, so I took a look and it's a great place to use when you come back in the summer. I found that the kitchen is owned by the hotel, so it was nice to take some stress out of finding out what you have to eat and having something with lounge access while you're easing your stress. If you stay at the Sheraton or even Airbnb-style in Vancouver, Canada, you can use it for free.

If you need anything during your stay, you can remove most items from your room to reduce high contact points. If you want to travel from Victoria to the airport, there are shuttles that will take passengers to the place BC Ferries departs from. But for what it's worth, the shuttle leaves the hotel at 9: 30 am and leaves the airport at 30 minutes to an hour. You can also request a hotel shuttle service - which will pick you up at any stop on the level, as shuttle buses stop at the Sheraton Hotel en route to or from Vancouver International Airport.

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