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Although Vancouver is traditionally one of the best cities, it is also called the city of dreams. And while Vancouver has traditionally been the most expensive real estate market in the world in the United States, it is often called the "City of Dreams" because of its rich history and cultural heritage.

Largely because of the rush of Chinese workers who played a role in building the Canadian Pacific Railway, Vancouver has a prominent Chinese community, including Chinatown, which served as a residential, social, and commercial center in its early days. As more and more workers and families migrated to Vancouver, the neighborhood continued to grow and eventually became one of the liveliest and most diverse neighborhoods in the city, home to a diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures.

At the turn of the century, Victoria, the provincial capital, had replaced Vancouver as the leading trading centre on the west coast of Canada. Vancouver has long been Canada's main trade hub with Asia, owing largely to its proximity to and proximity to China.

Vancouver was also home to a number of other professional sports teams, including the Vancouver Whitecaps FC football team and the Vancouver Canucks NHL team. Vancouver Whitecaps FC entered Major League Soccer in 2010, while the Canucks have been playing in the NHL since the 1970s.

The SeaBus connected Vancouver and North Vancouver to Burrard Inlet, but most of the large-scale action took place on First Passage West, a ferry service between the city and the Fraser River. The other provincial-owned ferries sailed through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Port of Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Port Coquitlam. The first Passage West was the company's flagship route, taking guests to destinations such as Port Mann, Port Moody, Victoria, Burnaby, Langley, Richmond and Vancouver.

Vancouver has a diverse mix of museums and galleries, and some notable attractions include the Vancouver Art Gallery (1931), which has the largest contemporary art collection in North America and one of the oldest in the world. In addition to in-house exhibits from around the world, pieces that are unique to the city are on display at the Canadian Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery of Canada and the British Columbia Museum. Canadian flag and raised its leaves above the green-lit BC Place Stadium in front of more than 100,000 spectators.

The Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver, for example, uses the Maison as a logistics centre for several large events that attract thousands of participants. By far the busiest time is during major events organised by Centre Culturel, such as the Canada Day Parade and Vancouver International Film Festival.

Vancouver has a vibrant theater community, and smaller venues include the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, affectionately known as Cultch. The city's large gay community enriches Vancouver life, with a focus on the West End and Yaletown areas.

Canada is also home to many of the Aboriginal languages spoken by indigenous peoples living there, including the indigenous people, Metis and Inuit. Greater Vancouver is a popular tourist destination with a variety of museums, galleries, restaurants, theaters and other cultural institutions. Canada is also home to the Toe River, an Aboriginal language spoken by indigenous peoples living there.

Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada, north of Vancouver Island and west of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Greater Vancouver has a variety of museums, galleries, restaurants, theaters and other cultural institutions.

Inspired by the adjacent mountains, forests and oceans, Vancouver has a strong active outdoor culture that spawns a small but significant industry producing sportswear and performance clothing. North Vancouver and West Vancouver, located north of Burrard Inlet and surrounded by steep mountains of the Coast Range, are also part of Metro Vancouver. The large, attractively designed residential suburbs stretch from the mouth of the Fraser River to the south east and include the city of Vancouver Island, Vancouver International Airport and the University of British Columbia. Vancouver is also responding to a concentration of media ownership of news with a large number of independent media companies and an extensive network of newspapers and magazines.

Culture Compass encourages locals and tourists alike to connect with the arts, heritage and stories of the north coast. First Nations tour operators in Vancouver share the connection with nature with city visitors and there is an opportunity to see the impressive work in the city.

This is not in any way intended to stereotype any Canadian people you meet, but remember that you will be able to see and be seen differently from the majority of people in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Canadian society cannot be explained by the diversity of its society. This photo was taken by Daniel Chen, who has been photographing in and around British Columbia in Canada for the past five years.

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