Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is the coastal seaport in British Columbia and one of the highly densest cities of Canada. Vancouver has a population of around 2.5 million and is recorded as the highest population density area and has a cooling climate as it is surrounded by mountains and has appealing scenic views which get you closer to nature. There are other aspects of a city which makes it one of the remarkable places to visit and have places to get immersed with thriving, music scenes and theatres. Prominent museums and art gallery will make you flip through the old images of the ancient period as structural creativity is undertaken by maestro regional artists.

Vancouver city is believed to be the diverse cities ethnically and linguistically. Vancouver is also known for hosting events, holding international conferences and games like Olympics and Paralympics. Vancouver city is remembered for its livability for which it was acknowledged in the top five worldwide cities as it is considered to be a paradise for travelers. Locals have a friendly and loving attitude for visitors and show huge respect for everyone. Vancouver city is situated on the edge of Pacific Ocean that is what makes it breathtaking and worth visiting the place again and again.

Tourism, Music, Art, Museums

  • Vancouver is renowned for its contributions to music and performers from various musical categories perform shows be it folk, classical or popular music.
  • Vancouver art gallery has accumulated a collection of around 10000 items most of which are of the scenic view.
  • Countless museums are there which are interactive and cultural based like Science World museum, Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Vancouver Maritime Museum.
  • Major Centre of attraction is the modern and tall buildings of Vancouver which leaves you speechless i.e. Vancouver Library Square, Robson Square and Woodward's building are some of the eye-catching skyscraper buildings.


  • From elementary to secondary to post-secondary Vancouver enrolls around 110000 students.
  • There are 46 independent schools who provide partial funding in order to educate 10 % pupils approximately in the city.
  • The city has 76 elementary schools which include learning Centers, adult education Centre and secondary schools.
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